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When in Doubt, Call on our Pipe Boring Technicians

Pipe boring is used to install pipes under obstacles such as roads, buildings, sidewalks, or wetlands. As a leading pipe boring company in Western Washington, we have the training and experience to properly install pipes without the need to dig a trench in your yard.

Depending on the size of the bore, our pipe boring experts will use one of two pieces of equipment:

  • The Basement Buddy:
    The basement buddy is a small drill designed to re-pipe, from the basement of a home all the way to the curb stop. This drill is able to navigate up, down, left, and right, which ensures that your new service line will be installed accurately every time. This particular tool comes equipped with a pit launch box, which allows the drill to remain stable, even in soft soil conditions.
  • The Boring Machine:
    The boring machine is an extremely powerful boring drill, capable of executing a bore in most conditions. This drill creates a minimum environmental impact, so our pipe boring technicians are able to complete a bore job safely and with little to no effect on homes, businesses, or other surrounding areas.

How the Pipe Boring Process Works

Unsure about whether pipe boring is the right method for solving your underground piping challenge? If you’re concerned about the project’s environmental impact, accuracy of pipe placement, the duration of the job, or how much space it will take up, pipe boring checks all the boxes for speed, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.

  • While an access area is needed to set up the direction drill used in a pipe bore, this area can be strategically placed away from homes, congestion, and businesses. Before beginning a pipe bore, our crew must carefully plan a path for drilling. This is to ensure that there will be no obstructions, such as other utility lines. Like with all trenchless repairs, a pipe bore requires both an entrance and exit pit. To begin, pipe boring technicians set up the directional at the entrance pit. The entrance pit is used to contain and manage the drilling fluids.
  • It’s important that our crew maintains communication with each other throughout the entire process. The directional drill is tracked remotely using radio signals. These signals are used to report the depth and pitch of the drill. This allows for one to give directions to the directional drill operator, instructing them on which way to steer the drill bit. The drill can be steered in any direction making for a clean, unobstructed path.
  • This process is known as drilling a pilot bore. After the pilot bore is dug, the resulting drill path is typically enlarged to one and a half times the pipe that is being installed. A reamer is attached and pulled back through the initial path to enlarge it. After the bore path is enlarged, the pipe can be pulled into place by the directional drill rig.

Request an estimate today by calling our trenchless sewer repair and pipe boring experts.

Trenchless Pipe Solutions Performed by Pipe Bursting Experts

When you call Harts Services for a trenchless pipe solution for your sewer lines, our pipe bursting experts will arrive right away to dig up pipes that are cracked or broken and then run new pipes into areas that are not easily accessible, including under roadways, sidewalks, and your home. When bursting a pipe, we perform an expert pipe excavation before replacing the pipe with a brand new high-density polyethylene pipe. This type of pipe is non-toxic, environmentally sustainable, and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Contact us today to discuss your sewer line options with a professional plumbing excavation contractor.

The Pipe Fusion Process by Pipe Bursting Technicians

Frequently, before a burst can take place, our pipe bursting technicians must first fuse several lengths of pipe to get the correct length. Pipe fusion is a simple process that involves using a heating element to melt and press two lengths of pipe together. The joint connecting the high-density polyethylene pipe, created with the pipe fuser, is stronger than the actual pipe itself. Once the correct length of pipe is achieved, the bursting head can be attached to the end.

How our pipe bursting experts get the job done right:

  • Bursting Head
    A bursting head is a semi-cone shaped tool (oftentimes with fins) that is used to break through an existing pipe. One end of it is attached to the new pipe, while the smaller end of the cone is attached to a cable that is run through the launching access hole. The unique shape and size of the bursting head, along with the hammering motion it makes, helps it break through the old pipe with ease.
  • Pulling Cable
    The bursting head is attached to the pulling cable. This cable must be strong enough to withstand being pulled through the old pipe by hydraulics.
  • Hydraulic Power Pack and Burster
    The hydraulic power pack is used to pull the cable, and consequently the bursting head. It is designed to pull the head in a hammering motion. This process will break up the original pipe to make way for the new one.