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2 Pipes to Consider When Repiping Your Home


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Repiping your home is a significant—and potentially stressful—decision. However, a complete repipe can have countless benefits for your home and plumbing system. If you have old and outdated plumbing, such as lead pipes or cast iron pipes, you might experience many problems. Common signs you need new pipes can include low water pressure, water leaks, and frequent clogs or repairs.

Check out two of the most common piping materials to help you find the best pipes for your home.

Copper Pipes

Copper is one of the most popular and durable piping materials to date. If you’re looking for an option that won’t corrode, these might be the best pipes for your home. Plus, these lines won’t pollute your drinking water, making them ideal for your hot and cold water supply.

Overall Durability

Copper pipes are known for their long lifespans. For instance, this type of piping is flexible and lasts longer than PVC pipes.

However, when repiping your home, you’ll want to consider the cost. While they are known to last a long time, copper pipes tend to be on the more expensive end of the spectrum. For many, it can be easier to overlook the cost of copper pipes because of how long they can last. You won’t have to worry about paying for a replacement only a few years down the line.

When it comes to installing new pipes, every homeowner wants to rest assured that their pipes will last for a long time. These might be the best pipes for your home if you want peace of mind.

PEX Pipes

PEX is the market’s newest—and most advanced—piping material used for water supply lines. If you’re considering repiping your home entirely, PEX pipes could be an excellent fit for you. Plus, this plastic piping can be seamlessly used in conjunction with other types of lines. 

These lines do have a few drawbacks, including that they:

  • Can’t be connected to water heaters
  • Are not as durable as copper
  • Can only be used indoors

Advantages of PEX Pipes

When repiping your home, it’s vital to consider what factors matter to you. If you’re looking for pipes that are simple to work with, PEX pipes might be ideal for you. These water pipes are highly flexible, which makes them much easier to install.

All in all, PEX might be the best pipes for your home if you’re looking for a material that’s quick to install, requires little maintenance, and sits on the more affordable end.

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Repiping a house is a significant—and potentially frightening—decision. While you now know the different types of plumbing pipes available, you may still be unsure about how to choose the best pipes for your home.

For years, Harts Services has been working with residential plumbing systems in Tacoma, WA. We perform a host of home improvement services and our customer reviews as Seattle repipe specialists speak for themselves. We’re here to answer your questions and help you find the best pipes for your home’s needs.

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