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Water lines is how water is transported through your homes to where you need it. While most homes in Tacoma receive their water from the Tacoma Public Utilities, it’s possible that some houses in our area may rely on water wells or storage tanks. The municipal supply provides water pressure but at the same time, some homes may need to rely on gravity or pumps to produce pressure. Aside from these few things, residential water supply is about the same in all homes.

Though over time, every water line will eventually have a problem. When these problems arise, know that our certified plumbing team at Harts Plumbers, Electricians, & HVAC Technicians has got you and your home covered. We are your  life line for your water line.  Our plumbing experts use advanced technology and can solve even the most complex water line problems efficiently and reliably.

The Most Common Water Line Issues

We depend on our water lines all day and every night. From the morning shower to when you brush your teeth before bed. With such a hardworking system, it’s normal to eventually experience problems with your water pipes. Common water line issues include:

  • Burst Pipes – Burst pipes are considered emergency plumbing situations. This can happen due to frozen pipes or massive corrosion in your pipes. 
  • Low Water Pressure – Low water pressure could be due to a number of problems. It could be caused by a small leak or an issue with the incoming water supply. If you are experiencing low water pressure, we can send out one of our expert plumbing technicians to provide you with knowledgeable leak detection service to find and remedy to the issue.
  • Sediment Build-Up – If you are seeing sediment or rust in your water, it is probably due to your pipes aging. While this doesn’t necessarily mean your pipes are about to fail, it does signal potential future issues. Build-up in pipes or water erosion is a serious issue that should be dealt with right away.

Your Water Line Responsibility for Tacoma Homeowners

From your house to the water meter, that may be located near your street, these are the water lines that you as the homeowner is responsible for. This means that if the pipes near your water meter which is located further down your property have sprung a leak, it is your job to get it fixed, not the city of Tacoma. Fortunately, at Harts Plumbers, Electricians, & HVAC Technicians, our water line & repiping plumbing services are affordable, have financing options, and by a certified and insured local company of plumbers. Let Harts solve the problems with your pipes, so you can go have the peace of mind you deserve.

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