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Avoiding the Same Old Issues with the New Year Here!


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With the new year among us it is important to make sure your pipes and plumbing are prepared for all this year’s possible issues. Some preventative measures that can be taken to ensure your home is ready and continues to work throughout the season are:

Garbage disposals – Very helpful but also easy to damage and clog pipes and drains. Oils, grease and certain food can cause your disposal to back up, corrode and even break. Take caution while cooking to use cold water before during and after running. Avoid putting anything with paper, metal, hard stringy foods like corn husks, or even the starch from potatoes, as these can cause blades deteriorate.

Toilet Clogging – Its best to make sure your toilets have been cleaned, scoped and inspected before having an excess amount of use during the holiday season. Extra build up with all the use as well as the possibility of “non flushables” going down the drain is a likely possibility and can turn into a bigger issue like damage to your septic tank or sewer system/lining in its entirety.

Shower/Sink Drains – With a higher use during the holidays, or even regularly, it’s important to take care of your shower drains. Hair is the most common issue that will back up a shower or sink drain. This is easily preventable by making sure you have a small screen that comfortably locks over the shower drain and the usual stopper in sinks will help. If a clog happens further in the pipe that is reachable, a technician can snake these drains as they would toilets and other fixtures to clear blockages if needed.

We are open for emergency service 24/7! If you have a concern about your sewer lines, water pipes, or any other plumbing concerns don’t hesitate to call us at Harts Services!

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