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Causes of Sewer Blockages

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Causes of Sewer Blockages

Sewer blockages are the bane of the plumbing world. This problem is all too common and can have a variety of different causes. When you are experiencing a blockage, it’s good to have someone on your side who is able to diagnose and solve the problem in a timely manner. We here at Harts pride ourselves in being the ones you come to when your sewer is having an issue. We understand that a small blockage in your sewer line now can lead to major damages in the future. This cannot only be detrimental to your home, but also to your pocket book.

While one sewer line blockage is just as serious as the next, there are many different reasons your sewer line may be blocked. Below are a few examples of what may cause a blockage in a sewer line.


With many types of materials that pipes are made of they are susceptible to root intrusions. The only material that is impervious to roots is HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) or CIPP (Cured In Place) piping. Other than that if your sewer is made of clay, orangeburg, cast iron, or any other common material, your pipes will most likely eventually develop root intrusions if they have not already.


If the joints in your pipes are offset, this can cause the waste running through them to get caught. This, in turn, will lead to a blockage of your sewer line. These types of blockages can eventually lead to a collapse of your side sewer, which can be a very costly repair.


Much like an offset joint, a sag or belly in your pipes will definitely catch and build up debris and eventually cause a blockage. Sometimes the sag or belly itself is enough to keep your sewage from flowing properly.


Cracks and fractures in your lines can lead to much worse problems. They leave your sewer lines susceptible to root intrusions, and other forms of impairment. Cracks and fractures can also eventually lead to a full-on breakage or collapse.


Debris and grease are extremely common problems in sewer lines. Most people don’t stop to realize what should and shouldn’t be flushed down toilets or drains. Flushable wipes are often mislabeled, and really should not be flushed down any toilet. Grease should never be poured or washed down a sink. Both things can lead to severe clogs and expensive fixes.


Holes in your sewer pipe is a major issue that should be dealt with immediately. Even just a pin hole can lead to severe problems down the line such as root intrusions, blockages, or backups.

With all these potential hazards to your sewer pipes, you understand how important it is to have someone on your side who is knowledgeable about these problems and their fixes. Here at Harts, that’s exactly who we want to be for you. Just give a call to (253) 331-1206 and we will have one of our skilled technicians out there in no time!