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Faucet Covers to Prevent Freezing: Fact or Faux?


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Faucet covers for the outside of your home are an inventive way that is purposed to prevent freezing hose faucets when the cold weather sets in. The idea of these covers is wonderful, but are they really necessary or logical for Tacoma natives when our weather doesn’t seem to be too harsh during most winters? The answer is both yes and no. Yes it gets cold enough locally to have some harsh freezing of pipes, but no faucet covers a.k.a faucet “socks” although a good thought, is not the best way to prevent freezing. This might work for an overnight frost, but I wouldn’t rely on it for an entire winter. The temperature outdoors won’t be any warmer with the “sock” on it. It may prevent snow fall or freezing rain from reaching the faucet itself, but it ends up being more decorative than anything.

If you’re really worried about the faucet freezing. Some preventative actions can be:

  • Remove hoses, splitters or connections from the spigot during the winter. Not removing hoses or any other connections from the hose bib can trap water and can therefore surely cause the fixture to freeze.
  • Turn the water supplying the faucet off (hopefully there’s a shutoff that controls only this faucet in a heated portion of the home. If not, you could install one). Learn more about Installing a frost-proof sill cock faucet.
  • Open the faucet, and leave it open until the cold weather has passed.
  • Additional insulation inside of home where faucet meets can prevent freezing further in on the pipe.

These are a few things that should help with the fear of freezing faucets. If there is any cautions you would like help checking out, we are available here at Harts Services 24/7 for emergency services.

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