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Harts Services in the News: KOMO-TV Report Shines Spotlight on Our Garbage Disposal Expertise


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Harts Services has been serving homeowners throughout the Tacoma, WA, area for nearly a decade, and we’ve built a stellar reputation as the go-to source for hydro jet plumbing services in Federal Way and the surrounding communities. Our profile continues to expand throughout the region as more and more customers experience our exceptional level of customer care and quality workmanship.

We were excited to reach a whole new audience during the holiday season when we were featured on a news report about garbage disposals that aired on KOMO-TV Channel 4, Seattle’s ABC television affiliate.

Reporter and anchor Denise Whitaker introduced the report by calling garbage disposals an “often-misunderstood appliance.” To help homeowners understand it better, our own Rich Hart appeared on the report to explain the purpose of a garbage disposal and how to care for it properly.

“It’s designed to keep your sink cleaner,” Rich said. “So, crispy things like lettuce and apples break apart really well in a garbage disposal.”

On the other hand, he explained, foods such as asparagus and artichokes become stringy when they come into contact with garbage disposal blades, which can cause a clog. Eggshells and coffee grounds are also no-nos that should be kept out of the disposal at all costs.

Instead of treating a garbage disposal like a trash compactor, our experts advise scraping plates into a compost heap — or the actual trash — so that only small food residue makes it way into the sink drain without damaging the disposal.

While the KOMO news report aired in preparation for the holidays, when families tend to do more entertaining and serve bigger meals to larger groups, Rich’s garbage disposal tips can serve as words of wisdom throughout the entire year. No one wants to ring in the new year with a disgusting, clogged-up kitchen sink, and a little bit of vigilance goes a long way when preventing irritating and unsanitary plumbing problems.

For more information about garbage disposal maintenance or to schedule a visit from one of our certified technicians, contact the team at Harts Services today by phone or by filling out an online contact form. Whether you need to unclog a kitchen sink in Tacoma or request help from a pipe bursting expert in Parkland, you can always count on us to be there fast…and to care more!

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