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Holes in Sewer Pipes


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Holes in your sewer system is a serious problem. Depending on the size of the hole, it may cause very expensive issues for you and your sewer line. Some common causes of holes in pipes include deterioration, roots, and poor construction. Holes in your sewer system can cause the soil surrounding the pipe to erode. This can result in voids forming around the pipe, and in more serious situations may cause sinkholes at the ground surface. In addition, soil may get into the hole and cause buildup in the pipe. Holes in your sewer line can also allow access for rats and other rodents to enter your home.


Regardless of the size of any hole, it is a serious issue that will expose the inside of the pipe to the surrounding soils and should be taken care of immediately. While roots can be an initial cause for a hole in your sewer line, they can also become even more of an issue after a hole is made. Any place tree roots can get into your pipes, they will. They are attracted to the fertilizer and moisture that run through your pipes. If you are experiencing a root infiltration, you want to get that taken care of right away. Any roots that make your way into your line will grow, and eventually cause a full-on collapse of your pipes.


Here at Harts, we know how to remedy and prevent tree roots from coming back. Our hydrojetter can break apart and clear out most tree roots. In addition, through the application of a RootX treatment, we can prevent any further root intrusions from compromising your pipes. If your pipe has holes in it but is clean and clear we may be able to repair it through the use of CIPP or cured in place pipe. This process (commonly referred to as pipe lining) will leave you with a brand new pipe inside of the old one. Even if your pipes have large breaks or holes, the cured in place pipe method will be able to remedy the situation.

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If you believe you are experiencing holes in your sewer line, or any other drain cleaning or plumbing concern, give us a call here at (253) 331-1206 or click here to request a service, and we will have one of our skilled technicians out to you in no time. If you are unsure about the state of your sewer line, feel free to call us out for a sewer inspection. We will be able to locate any problems through the use of our reel camera system, and show you on a monitor exactly what is afflicting your pipes.

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