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How Hard is Your Water?

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How Hard is Your Water?

A thought that is easily overlooked in both homeowner’s and renter’s minds is the hardness of the water they are using. Sometimes its easy to forget all the things we use our water for. In addition to cleaning our bodies, homes, vehicles and dishes we eat from, it is also used in the majority of food and beverages we consume. The thought of letting ourselves or loved ones consume anything but clean, healthy water is never appealing. Luckily there are ways to test the hardness of your home or businesses water, and even ways we can help you solve any apparent issues.

First, lets start with some water consumption facts: In America people spend about $15 billion dollars a year on bottled water. That is 11.8 billion gallons of water consumed per person. Out of all those people paying for water, only 8% of Americans have a water treatment plan for their home or business. There are approximately 162 million residents in the U.S., including 131 million single family residents, and 120 million of those homes have no way to filter their homes water. It’s hard to imagine how much money would be saved if ten or even fifteen percent of Americans chose to get a water treatment plan rather than making trips to buy filtered water.

There are many complications that can happen due to having hard water in the home or business. Some of these can be: clogged hot water pipes, water heater deterioration, rust stains in sinks or tubs, and even possible health issues. Although the PNW is known for having better natural water than some other states, it is still a big issue and it never hurts to be safe and save money. There are ways to test in home water and pipes to see what condition they are in, and if you should take advantage of the installation of a treatment system.

There are water test kits that your certified plumber can use in your home to find out the hardness level of your family’s bathing and consumable water. This can be as simple as a test strip ran under the tap, or a sample collected and sent in to testing. These will check the hard levels and give you a better idea of what is found in your homes water as well.

If you make the choice to get your water tested, please let us know! We would love to help. Rather than spending thousands on new water filters or bottles of water to drink, systems can be installed on your water lines to make every drop of water in your house filtered and clean. There are many things to think about when using water regularly, and the convenience of having all of your water filtered is an absolutely amazing option. We would love to be a part of giving you an estimate, testing your water and even the installing a filtration system. We are open Monday through Friday and 24/7 for emergency needs.