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Look Out for Frozen Pipes & Other Common Winter Plumbing Problems

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Look Out for Frozen Pipes & Other Common Winter Plumbing Problems

When the temperatures drop and the holidays hit, your home’s plumbing system takes a beating, and you may need professional plumbing services to get it up and running again. Whether you host holiday dinners, use your water heater frequently, or have limited insulation in your exterior walls, your home could be at risk of winter plumbing problems that could make the cold season even more uncomfortable for you and your family. Fortunately, we at Harts Services provide homeowners in Gig Harbor with clogged sink drain and pipe repairs, among many other plumbing services that crop up this time of year.

For more information about some of the common winter plumbing issues and the preventive measures you and your local plumber from Harts Services can take, check out the attached infographic and read on!

How to Prevent Plumbing Problems

Sometimes, plumbing issues are impossible to predict, but it is possible to take preventative measures, so you don’t have to worry about your plumbing system over the winter:

* The most prevalent plumbing concerns for many homes are frozen pipes and water lines. When the frozen water expands, cracking and bursting can occur. When this happens, you could be left with expensive water damage and plumbing repairs. Ensure that your walls are properly insulated and that every part of the house can feel the warm air from your heater. Wrapping heat tape and foam insulation from a hardware store around pipes at risk of freezing can help water flow into and out of the home without frozen blockages.

* Clogged pipes happen more frequently than appliance and fixture sellers want to admit, and they can cause more than a temporary annoyance if they are not handled immediately. One way to prevent clogs is by guaranteeing that everything poured down the drain and garbage disposal is safe. Pouring grease and oil and fatty foods down the drain can cause severe build-up that can solidify and prevent proper drainage. Also, make sure that toys and other foreign objects are nowhere close to the drains and that you use the garbage disposal regularly to keep food from sitting in the drain and creating blockages, as well. If you have a clogged drain this winter, call us at Harts Services for clogged drain services around University Place, WA!

* Finally, if your home has a septic tank, have it emptied before the ground and septic pipes freeze and burst. Usually, having your septic tank emptied in mid- to late-autumn will allow you to get through the cold months.

The winter is a tough time for your plumbing system, so it is important that you provide the best care possible for it. At Harts Services, our plumbers are ready to tackle any plumbing issue, provide top repairs and replacements, and perform annual maintenance on your plumbing system and appliances. Learn more about how we can help your plumbing system by calling us today!