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There are multiple reasons why pipe insulation is incredibly useful. For example: condensation control, pipe freezing, energy saving, temperature control, and noise barriers. There are also many types of materials that are used to insulate pipes. Insulation can be made from different types of wool, foams, rubber, or even glass (made of sand, limestone and soda ash) among others, and can be used to help regulate pipe temperatures and more. For now lets talk about wool insulation, and go over when and where to use this type as well as its advantages.

Wool Insulation:

Wool pipe insulation can be used in a wide range of hot or cold pipe applications ranging from -20°F to 1200°F making it ideal for use on:

  • High temperature pipe lines typically found in industrial power and petrochemical plants, steam production and supply pipe, etc.
  • Commercial hot and cold water supply.
  • Refrigerated water and other related applications.

It has its advantages as well:

  1. Good stability (temperature).
  2. Good mechanical and durable strength.
  3. Low moisture level.
  4. Fire resistant.
  5. Excellent sound barrier.
  6. Minimizes indoor air quality to potential pollutants.
  7. Made from natural material with high recycled content.
  8. Resistant to the growth of mold or bacteria.
  9. Not difficult to install.
  10. Rather inexpensive.

These are just a few places and reasons wool insulation may work. If you need new or replacement insulation, we are happy to help here at Harts Services. We can take a look at the quality of your pipes insulation and help you find the best possible insulation for your home. We are open 24/7 for emergency services and are always here if you have any questions or concerns about your plumbing or homes needs.

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