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Routine Sewer Cleaning: Preventative Maintenance to Avoid Big Problems


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As a proud homeowner, you probably know that you need to stay on top of routine maintenance throughout your house in order to keep things in working order and to prevent big, expensive problems from arising later. Yet, you can only really fix the potential issues you would have reasonably known about, like replacing a window pane after it cracks. Anticipating the maintenance needs of your home’s sewer lines is another challenge altogether and one that requires some technical knowledge.

When You Should Get Your Sewer Lines Cleaned

Odds are high you did not even know you could authorize a cleaning of your home’s sewer lines. Most homeowners understandably assume the sewer is the city’s problem, but this is only true when considering sewer mains that leave your property. All the little pipes that connect your home’s plumbing system to the sewer main are your responsibility.

With this said, how often should you get your sewer lines maintained or cleaned? For a typical household, routine cleaning completed once every 18 months should do the trick to help prevent major pipeline failures and clogs. If you live alone, you might be able to schedule maintenance only once every 20 or 22 months. If you have a considerably large family, it might be prudent to shorten the maintenance schedule to once every 16 months or so.

When to Get Your Sewers Cleaned Right Away

Routine cleaning is a great way to keep your sewer lines in good condition. Sticking to your schedule should keep the most expensive fixes and the worst sewer disasters at bay. However, the best plumber in the world cannot predict every possible problem that can affect your sewer lines, and sometimes a single event can render the whole system defunct and in need of immediate plumbing service.

Here are some red flags that indicate your sewer lines have a problem or need cleaning:

  • Raw sewage backing up into any drain or outlet.
  • Gurgling or bubbling noises in the pipes or walls.
  • Ground drains are not draining.
  • Water sprays out of one faucet or outlet when using a major appliance or the shower.
  • Foul odor permeates your household and cannot be removed.
  • Someone has poured a large quantity of grease down the kitchen sink.
  • Tree roots emerge from a new spot in your lawn where pipework should be.
  • Visible pipework sags, especially when water runs through it.

Hart Services — Sewer Cleaning Services in Tacoma

No two sewer lines systems in two different homes are exactly the same, due to both the construction of the homes and the habits of the people living in them. Each sewer line system will need a maintenance schedule planned according to its demands. At Hart Services, our highly-trained, highly-experienced plumbing technicians have the knowledge and know-how needed to figure out just what your home’s sewer lines will need to keep flowing reliably.

Contact our Tacoma sewer line cleaning service technicians today to schedule a free estimate.

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