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Sags and Bellys in Sewer Pipes

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Sags and Bellys in Sewer Pipes

No matter what your sewer lines are made of, they are susceptible to sags and bellys. A sag, or belly in your pipe means that part of it has sunk down to a lower level than the rest of the line.

If your sewer lines are made of PVC, they are more susceptible to sags. That being said, a sag or belly can happen in any type of sewer line. Bellies occur over time wherever piping was not properly bedded when installed. Bedding the sewer line is the process of preparing the area around the pipeline to prevent future problems.

Unfortunately, if your pipes do end up with a belly, the only way to repair them is manually.

When a belly is formed, it will hold water. This is much like the P-Trap in your home that holds water under any given drain. While some bellies do not cause problems to the home or sewer system, but problems can still occur.

One of the main problems that can occur when there is a belly in your sewer system is build up. If paper or other solids settle in the belly, they can cause what’s known as a “soft blockage.”While a soft blockage can be inconvenient, they can usually be remedied by a plumbing professional through the use of a manual sewer auger.

Alternatively, if the clog is too severe for a normal sewer auger to handle we might need to apply a hydro jetter. A hydro jetter is a high-powered stream of water that can break apart even the most stubborn clogs.

Even if a belly in your sewer line is not causing any apparent issues at the moment, it is still highly recommended that you replace or repair that section of pipe before things get worse. By tackling the issue head on right now, you will be able to prevent headaches in the future, and minimize the amount of money you will inevitably need to spend on unclogging backed-up sewer lines.

If you suspect that there is a belly or low spot in your sewer line, feel free to give us a call at (253) 331-1206 and we will send one of our skilled technicians to assess the situation. Here at Harts Services, we are able to scope sewer lines through the use of a camera snake. This will show any issues that may exist in your pipes, and allow us to locate the exact problem area. Low spots and bellies in sewer pipes included. Call now!