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Sewer Back Ups & Flooding


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Concerns about your sewer backing up and flooding are realistic. There are things to consider when you think you may have a blockage or issue.

When to Call The City or a Private Company?

The city you live in is responsible for the connection from the city’s main sewer line in connection with you homes sewer access. When repair work is needed on your homes individual sewer line up to the city’s, this is the point when you would call a private plumber. In these cases, a technician can do a scope of your pipes, see where the issue lies and what steps to take moving forward.

What is the issue? Where is the blockage?

There can be a number of issues with backing up or flooding of your pipes including root intrusions, cracks and corrosion, clogs of hair or other solid materials. In this case it is best to get a sewer scope done, which can run a live camera from your home through the sewer pipe to see any possible issues that need to be assessed. If blockage is not taken care of in a timely matter the back up can cause flooding within your home as well as foul smells, damage to property and other issues.

At Harts Services we can perform rooter services i.e snaking drains, pressure cleaning, camera scoping and unclogging, side Sewer contracting, i.e. repairing and or replacing pipes with breaks, holes or damage, and fix a leak or broken fixture within or surrounding home due to piping and/or sewer issues.

We are open for emergency service 24/7! If you have a concern about your sewer lines, water pipes, or any other plumbing concerns don’t hesitate to call us at Harts Services!

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