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We all try to care about the environment as much as we can on a day to day basis. Most people don’t realize how something like their own sewer line can be affecting themselves, their cities, and their environment. A single pipe running from your home to the street way can create a huge problem if not taken into consideration.

According to Thomas Rooney, president of Insituform Technologies in Chesterfield, MO (the world’s largest sewer, oil and water-pipe repair company) “The biggest environmental problem in the world today is broken sewer pipes polluting waterways, swimming areas and drinking water all over the world.” A 2004 report by the Natural Resources Defense Council and Environmental Integrity Project asserted that sewage overflow both threatens the environment, and constitutes a public health crisis. Some 500,000 Americans become ill each year from contaminated drinking water, and as many as 3.5 million others get sick from swimming in water tainted by sewage overflows.


Of course there are ways to tell if your sewage line is not up to standards without the hassle of digging up your entire line. For example: getting a camera inspection of your line to see its current condition. If there are any cracks or corrosion that can lead to root intrusions, collapsing of the pipe or further damage that could cause raw sewage to be leaking out of your pipe. If you do have to root intrusions or other damage to your line you have options to get that taken care of as well. You can have your sewer line trenched (dug up), and the whole line replaced with new PVC piping which we give a full warranty on. In addition, you could also choose a trench-less option where there is one hole dug on each end of the piping, and a new pipe is “shot through” from one end to the other. Both of these issues can help get your pipe become view-able and ready for a camera scope to see if you may have any further issues that need to be assessed.

When your side sewer leaks it can cause damage to more than your home drainage system. It becomes a burden on billing, damage to your lawn, inside your home and the possibility of getting raw sewage into the streets. It can also cause odors in and around your home, as well as other serious issues. A lot of commercial and residential owners tend to pass up thinking of their side sewer due to it being out of sight, and in turn, out of mind. It is very important that you are aware of what is happening within your property and its surroundings.

According to the United States Census Program and Suburban City Stats, the population of the city of Tacoma was 203,446 in 2013. Based on that number, 79.7% of people were living in the same home for at least a year or more. There were also, 14,355 business firms open. That makes almost 79,000 homes in the city alone which makes for a frightful number of sewers that could use inspecting. In 2013, the city of Pierce County noted that there are only 17.4 houses per month on average that have their side sewer replaced. that’s a total of just over 200 per year in all of pierce county. That is something to take into consideration when thinking that side sewers are built to last for decades, but when people don’t keep up on caring for them they become worse and worse, and are much more likely to affect other things in and around the property. It is very important to stay informed on the condition of your line. Here at Harts we are happy to help with a video camera scope which is a very fast and easy process. It’s always better to be safe then sorry. We are open 24/7 for emergency services so if you are curious about your system, please don’t hesitate to call.

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