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Side Sewers 1.2 History of Tacoma


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1880: Community sewers were first constructed, made to route shortest distance to the tidewaters of commencement bay.

Early 1940s: City began to assess the amount of pollution of resources and how to handle to abundance of it.

1944: $3,000,000 bonding issue happened for the construction of much needed sewer treatment plant to serve parts of Tacoma.

1949: Construction of the main sewers begins throughout the city.

1955: City begins phase 1 of a program to establish sewage and drainage improvements that would continue to help with pollution issues.

Late 1950s: Program for surface water/wastewater separation begins. Eliminating major discharges of raw sewer through storm drains.

1993: Disconnected all storm drains from sewer system to help program of surface water and wastewater separation.

1995: City begins spending approximately $4,000,000 a year upgrading or replacing old sewer pipes in a new Inflow and Infiltration program.

Tacoma has come a long way since this all began. If you would like to learn more about the history of Tacoma, you can visit their website at City of Tacoma. Tacoma also has a side sewer program in place to help residents and business owners with the cost of repairs and replacement of sewers. Please refer back to our previous Blog for more information. Additionally you can visit the City of Tacoma’s website to learn more. If there is anything we can help with here at Harts Services in any way with changes, upgrades or locating your homes piping and sewer lines, please don’t hesitate to call. We are open 24/7 for emergencies along with regular business hours if you need us.

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