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With the holidays quickly approaching, we all have stresses that aren’t always easily taken care of. How about the stresses of your home or business plumbing and sewer system?

Don’t Wait Until it’s too Late!

Home and business owners in Tacoma regularly overlook plumbing and sewer issues until they reach a critical point. During the Holidays when we have family over pushing our plumbing systems to the max, is when a lot of issues arise. Blockages in sewer lines due to deteriorating side lateral sewers and root intrusion are among some of the major issue we see this time of year.

City of Tacoma Offers Loan for Sewer Repairs

Thankfully, the City of Tacoma has implemented a groundbreaking loan program to help ease the financial burden, which could help save some families’ Christmas this year if you do end up with a major sewer issue.

Never before in history has the City of Tacoma offered a loan program strictly to benefit the costs of repairing/ replacing of sewage lines, UNTIL NOW. With an incredibly low interest rate of two percent below the prime, Tacoma residents can get up to a $10,000 loan for work on sewer lines. Commercial properties can take part in the sewer conservation loan program, which is up to $100,000!

Here at Harts Services we want to make everything as easy and quick as possible! Give us a call, we will be happy to send out a certified technician to inspect your sewer line with our video equipment and give you a diagnosis of the situation.

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