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The process of getting a camera inspection of your home or businesses drains can be useful for multiple reasons. Much like all technology, this too has advanced over the course of history. While in “the good ol’ days” locating an issue in a drain took more of an educated guess, in today’s plumbing world we are capable of getting a real time, up close video of your properties branch lines leading up to the city main.With these inspections, we are able to find blockages, breaking, or corrosion in your pipes. Most commonly we find root intrusions that have sneaked in through cracked or damaged pipe walls. All of these can lead to a back ups or blockages in your drains, which may result in overly costly projects if not found soon enough.]


It’s actually quite simple. First we send a plumbing technician with the proper equipment to your property. He then goes in through a drain (whether it’s a sink drain, toilet or clean-out if available), leads the camera through the piping, and watches the video in real time as the depth it reaches is indicated on screen. Sometimes there is just one issue found, but other times multiples. If the technician is able to push through the blockage, he can continue to the maximum depth, which is generally the to the connection to the city mainline. Once the technician is able to locate the issue(s) at hand, he can locate the trouble area through a transmitter in the camera. The camera will send a signal to our locator, which will pinpoint the area to be marked for repair or replacement.


Reasons home and business owners might want to get a video inspection of their drains include: current or previous back ups or blockages, checking the quality of a new or selling property, remodeling of a home or business, checking to see if pipes are up to date with the latest and most efficient material, or to keep up on maintenance. All of these are very important, and even if your property is not currently having issues with drainage, an inspection of piping can be exponentially crucial if your home was built around 1965 or sooner. If your sewer pipes are not constructed with PVC piping, it is literally only a short matter of time until your pipe will no longer be functioning to its fullest ability.

Pipes that were built into residential and commercial properties throughout history range in durability. For example: orangeburg (which was used through the 1970’s) basically consists of cardboard bits moistened and formed together into a hardened pipe, and typically lasts up to about 50 years. Another of these previously used materials is galvanized sewer lines (commonly known as cast iron) which last about 75 years considering the common issue of rust build up, cracking, breakage and corrosion of the piping. Another, and usually most common pipe used is Cement, which is said to last up to 100 years at best, but also needs replacing due to cracks leading to breakages in the pipe and other intrusions. In the late 1960’s PVC pipe became available, and when installed correctly can last the entire lifetime of a sewer line.

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Getting a video inspection can range in price between each plumbing business, but is generally priced between $200.00 to $400.00 depending on what pipe(s) are being inspected. Check out our deal on Groupon to save money on camera inspections and drain cleaning. If you are considering the idea of scoping your own drain lines, think again. Camera inspection equipment that gives you the same length and accuracy of a licensed contractor may cost up to $10,000.00 or more. Our cameras are much different than the ones available at your local stores. Store bought or rented cameras more than likely won’t be able to scope down far enough to make any difference. Camera scoping equipment used by licensed plumbing contractors not only comes with a lighted camera head, a self leveling view, a locating device, and the ability to take pictures of any issues, but can also extend to hundreds of feet if needed. This makes the process a whole lot easier. Just to call a contractor, sit back, and relax while watching the technician do all the work for you.

I urge you to consider getting a camera scope of your properties sewer and drain lines. In the city of Tacoma there were thousands of homes built during 1965 or before that are still standing to this day! Why take the risk of not having durable lines to protect your property, its surroundings, and your wallet in the future if something does go terribly wrong. It is very wise to make sure your home or business is up to date with the most durable drain and sewer lines. Here at Harts Services we are happy to make an appointment with you to give a camera inspection and make your life that much easier, knowing your property has the best care possible. We are open 24/7 for emergency calls and regular weekly hours to help you with all of your plumbing and excavation needs. If we can do anything to help, please don’t hesitate to call!

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