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The Importance of Repiping & Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Pipes


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Pipes are the arteries of your home. When they’re in bad shape, the entire house is impacted.

It’s easy to forget that the water you use for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing, travels through a delicate infrastructure within your home before reaching its final destination. When that infrastructure begins to age, and you neglect to take care of it, the consequences impact your entire living space — Just as compromised arteries can damage your entire body. In this article, we briefly explain why it’s so important to keep your pipes young and fresh.

The Risks of Refusing Repiping

When you neglect to maintain your plumbing over the years, you increase the possibility of a plumbing emergency. If you refuse to replace pipes as they exhibit signs of aging, your entire family will suffer the consequences. Your pipes will begin to leak near corroded joints, and water will damage your home as a result. This will make the house less sanitary and more uncomfortable for your family to live in.

You may also begin to notice an unpleasant taste when drinking tap water — that would be rust flowing through your corroded pipes. Failing to repipe your home as a cost-saving measure is simply futile because you can’t put a price on the health and safety of your family.

Reasons to Repipe

  • Cleaner Drinking Water
  • Eliminate Leaks
  • Better Water Pressure
  • Increase Home Value
  • Replace Corroded Pipes
  • Less Maintenance

3 Signs that It’s Time for Repiping

You might be wondering: “How do I know when it’s time to replace my pipes?” That’s a tricky question because, while there are many warning signs you can look out for, it’s ideal to repipe your home before the bad stuff starts happening. However, it is still important to be able to recognize outdated piping, so we outlined three red flags that foreshadow the end of elderly pipes in the brief video below.

To find out if your aging pipes should be put to bed, schedule an inspection. It’s always hard to say goodbye, and it almost feels wrong to replace your old friends right away. But sometimes it’s better to move on and start a fresh relationship with a brand new set of sturdy, reliable pipes. Enlist the services of Harts Services when you feel the time has come for repiping, and we will get the job done right — Because We Care More!

Ready to Make the Change? Call Harts Plumbers, Electricians, & HVAC Technicians!

Whether it’s innovative plumbing solutions, efficient electrical repairs, or reliable HVAC maintenance, trust Harts to handle your home essentials with precision and care. Contact us today to discover the Harts difference and enjoy peace of mind in your home maintenance endeavors.

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