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The Methods and Effectiveness of Trenchless Sewer Repair


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Any clogged pipe or sewage system back-up is a serious matter that typically requires immediate attention from a professional plumber, but when such problems become recurrent or are particularly severe, it is a sign you may have deeper problems. You may well need professional sewer line cleaning or replacement services.

In the past, sewer line repair costs, along with the time and “life disruption” sewer repair required, were all rather intense. But today, modern sewer line repair methods can eliminate the trench work, making the process fast, affordable, and just as effective.


Trenchless sewer line repair is generally accomplished by digging, at most, only two small entry points rather than a long excavation trench in your yard. Specialized cameras, cables, and other equipment are used to analyze the situation, remove clogs, clean out pipes, or re-line pipes. Trenchless repair is also used in replacing sewer lines from house to main without even having to dig up and remove the old pipes.

Trenchless sewer repair entails a number of different elements and services, depending on what your specific plumbing problem calls for, including these:

  1. Sewer Line Inspections:

To locate blockages, grime build-up, or cracks in your sewer lines, a camera attached to the end of a cord is used. This piece of high-tech plumbing equipment lets inspectors see and assess problems without any need to dig and manually search for them. An inspection is also a good idea every couple years on older homes or on a new home you are thinking about buying.

  1. Sewer Line Cleansing:

The most common trenchless sewer line service by far is to remove clogs and clear/clean out the sewer lines from house to main. High-tech cable machines and hydro-jetters get the job done fast, and the same camera that identified the problem can be used again afterwards to verify the problem has indeed been solved.

  1. Sewer Line Repair/Replacement:

Besides cleaning out sewer lines and ensuring they flow freely, it may become necessary to repair sections of existing pipe or to install brand new piping. One method used to accomplish this is called “pipe bursting.” This involves feeding a new pipe into an old one so that the old pipe is burst out of the way as the new pipe moves through it. A second method is “pipe boring,” which simply bores a hole in the ground and then feeds the pipe into that hole (when trenching is impractical or undesirable). Finally, “pipe re-lining” can be used to install a Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP), which is a “pipe within a pipe” that conforms to the contours of the outer (original) pipe so as to prevent leakage.


  1. There are many benefits to using trenchless sewer repair over trenching. First, the lack of a trench means your landscaping is not damaged. It also eliminates the danger of someone tripping over or falling into an open trench.
  2. Second, your sewer line is never exposed to the outside air, lowering risk of contamination and minimizing any unpleasant odors during the repair process.
  3. Third, there will never be a need to tear up pavements, cut through tree roots, or move bricks, gravel, or other obstacles in your yard that lie in the path of the trench.
  4. Fourth, trenchless sewer repair is the fastest method, usually being completed in a day or less. This prevents the inconvenience of having to function in a house without running water for a long period of time.
  5. Fifth and finally, trenchless repairs usually cost a lot less. This stems from the fact that excavation takes time, labor, and heavy machinery, which all increase the overall costs of repairs.


While there may be some situations where trenching is necessary, in most cases, you are far better off utilizing trenchless methods to inspect, unclog, clean out, repair, or replace all or part of your sewer lines.

To learn more about trenchless sewer repair or to schedule a trenchless inspection or repair in Tacoma, WA, or throughout Pierce, Kitsap, or Mason Counties, contact Harts Services today by calling (253) 331-1206 or by filling out the online contact form.

Harts Services has long experience in trenchless sewer repair methods, serves both residential and commercial customers, and offers fast emergency response repairs where necessary. Check our past customers reviews.


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