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Three Types of Sewer Repair in Tacoma, WA

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Three Types of Sewer Repair in Tacoma, WA

They say Tacoma is the “city of destiny,” but we rarely stop to consider what our sewer pipes are destined for. We live in a city that is full of history. Vintage buildings jut from the streets while plaques commemorating events, businesses, and important people line our sidewalks, begging passersby to stop and take in the rich, vibrant past of our little city on the sound. With so much going on above ground, we rarely stop to consider the historic nature of what exists right under our feet. Sewer pipes! Clay, concrete, orangeburg, and cast iron that has lain dormant for decades ensuring that the inevitable is properly and safely disposed of.

These sewer lines do so much more for us than we realize, and so it’s up to us to keep them in top working condition. Thus, the importance of sewer repair enters the equation. Knowing the different types of sewer repair that we do in Tacoma can help you make informed decisions and keep you in the know when it comes to repairing your own sewer lines.

1.Sewer Repair Through Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting falls into the category of trenchless sewer repair. Not all Tacoma plumbers work with pipe bursting technology, but here at Harts we specialize in it. Pipe bursting is the act of replacing an old damaged sewer line with an updated one by pulling a brand new HDPE sewer line through it. The new pipe breaks through the old one with the help of a “bursting head.” This head has a blade on the side that will aid the breakage of the old pipe. The new HDPE pipe is pulled through the old one through the use of hydraulics and a steel cable. Through this method of sewer repair, we are able to replace your pipe with a brand new pipe that is resistant to roots.

  1. Sewer Repair Through Pipe Lining

This too falls into the family of trenchless sewer repair. Pipe lining is the process of inflating a new resin saturated pipe through an old damaged one. This new pipe is then cured into place resulting in a jointless, seamless pipe that is resistant to root intrusions. The process begins with a liner which is saturated in resin and rolled up into our lining machine. The liner is then shot with air, and inverted through the old line to create the new pipe. To make certain that the new pipe cures in the correct shape, a long balloon is shot through the new pipe and held in place until the liner is dry. This is another form of technology that not all Tacoma plumbers are familiar with, but here at Harts we are proficient at cured in place piping.

  1. Sewer Repair Through Open Trenching

Sometimes there is just no room for trenchless repair. When we are unable to repair a sewer line through bursting or lining, the only option is to dig up the line, or the affected area and repair it that way. An open trench repair will usually only take place with a small localized spot fix, or when a sewer line is completely collapsed. In Tacoma, root intrusions or bellies in sewer pipes are not uncommon. When these problems pop up, an open trench repair is your best option. This means we can dig up a small section of the line and replace only the problem area, saving you time and money!

All in all Tacoma is a wonderful city to live in, and that is why it’s up to us to keep our sewer systems up to date and taken care of. Through regular camera inspections, and routine maintenance we can keep this city’s sewers functioning for many future generations! We are the plumbing company who is on your side, and here for you should any problems arise. If you have any questions about your sewer system, or would like to schedule a camera inspection click the “request appointment” or call 253-331-1206!