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Tips for Handling a Sewer Line Catastrophe


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Imagine this nightmarish scenario: It’s a normal, run-of-the-mill day, and you begin to go about your regular routine of household chores. You start up your washing machine, and immediately, black, foul-smelling water starts pouring out of your toilet and your shower drain, filling up your bathtub and turning your entire home into an unlivable outhouse!

You freeze, paralyzed with panic, as you watch this disgusting scene unfold. Then, it hits you. You knew your sewer line was old. You knew it probably needed to be replaced. However, you didn’t want to face a big plumbing bill, and so you put it off.

This whole disaster could have been prevented, but it’s too late. You can’t turn back time. What should you do now?

Fortunately, if you find yourself in this situation and you live anywhere in the Tacoma, WA, area, you can call Harts Services immediately for sewer line replacement services.

Our experts will work quickly to minimize the damage to your property, and whether we have to excavate in your yard to do the job or we can get it done with trenchless sewer repair methods, we will make sure we leave the premises looking great. Even better than that: We’ll leave you with a fully functioning sewer drainage system that’s sure to last for as long as you own your home—with proper maintenance, of course!

You might think the ugly picture we painted earlier in this post can’t happen to you. But if you live in a home that was built before the 1980s—before PVC piping was introduced and most sewer lines were made from tile, clay, cast iron, concrete, and orangeburg—you are at risk for a sewer line collapse. Those older materials are more susceptible to deterioration, and pipes that eclipse the 50-year mark are basically just a catastrophe waiting to happen.

When sewer lines collapse, they allow the surrounding soil to rush in and block the flow of waste coming out of your home. This results in the stomach-turning backup and overflow we described, and if you were afraid of your plumbing repair bills before the collapse, now you’re looking at additional property damage that could reach tens of thousands of dollars!

In other words, it definitely pays to be proactive when it comes to sewer line repairs. The team at Harts Services is here to help Tacoma area homeowners avoid disaster by fixing problems with the sewer drain before they escalate.

Here are some common early warning signs of sewer line trouble that should not be ignored.

For more information about our sewer line repair or replacement services or to make an appointment, contact Harts Services today. We’ll do whatever we can to save you from the nightmare of a broken sewer line!

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