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Warning Signs Your Pipes May Need Replacing


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Sources to Find Out More About Your Home

Pipes in service to your home or business can last anywhere from 25 up to 100 years. From Polyvinyl chloride(PVC) to brass piping, they can be used either drain pipes or supply pipes, and may cost thousands of dollars to replace if not taken care of in a timely matter. There are signs to be aware of when questioning if your pipes need to be replaced. Firstly, there are sites you can go to check when your sewer lines were installed. The city of Tacoma has records of most homes on – City of Tacoma’s government Made Easy.

In addition, it has become a Washington state law that home sellers are required to get an inspection on their home for full disclosure to the new buyer. This is another source you can find through your cities official website. Corrosion of an aging pipe is bound to happen over the course of time so its something to keep in mind when buying, selling or updating your home. Though corrosion and cracks in your lines may be something that can cause blockages, other forms of destruction such as invasive roots can make repairs or replacement need to happen sooner than later.

Do You Know How Old Your Pipes Are?

If you are able to, contact your city to find out when your piping was installed or last repaired. If you have any drains in your home backing up, giving off foul odors, or draining slowly, these can all be reasons to call us at Harts Services. We will check the quality of your pipes timeline and durability.

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