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What Do Septic Systems Do?


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With every home, a waste system is required in order to continue the process of flushing out undesirable materials. In rural communities, septic systems are more commonly used in place of sewer systems. Interestingly enough, this process looks quite different than one involving a sewer line. With that said, let’s take a look at what parts make up this system, how they function as one, and even how to figure out if this is connected to your home.

The Basics: How Do Septic Systems Work?

These systems are responsible for processing waste and water from the home and pushing them into the septic tank. In order for your septic system to come together as one, there are two main parts: the septic tank being one, and the drainfield as the other.

  1. The septic tank is the container responsible for keeping wastewater, also known as effluent, inside until any solids form sludge. Meanwhile, oil and grease will float to the top to create what’s considered scum.
  2. Then, there’s the soil absorption field or drainfield, which is created in unsaturated soil. The drainfield will treat, gather, and circulate effluent as it flows through. In the end, however, it is pushed back to join groundwater.

On top of that, bacteria plays a large part in this process. After all, if it weren’t for the right bacteria, the materials could not break down. More specifically, within the drainfield, bacteria thrives, and treated water can soak in the ground.

Here’s more on the final steps:

How Do I Know If I Have a Septic System?

Not sure if you have a septic system that connects to your home? There are a few signs to look out for to help determine if this is what your home uses. For example, if you get well water or happen to know that your neighbors have a septic system, chances are, you do too.

In addition, it is quite likely that you use a septic system if the water line that comes into the house does not have a meter. One of the final checks to perform is whether you see a $0 sewer charge on your property tax or water bill.

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Why Should I Consider a Septic System for My Home?

Depending on how habitable a septic system may be for your home, this option could present several benefits for your property. While they generally tend to be connected to houses in more rural areas, that’s not to say that your property could not benefit from the change. Some of the most recognized advantages of this waste system are that it can save the homeowner money and has been proven to be better for the environment.

Cost Savings

Essentially, notable savings are inherent with septic systems in comparison to sewer systems. This is applicable from installation to regular usage. In further detail, there is no monthly cost that you would incur with this option compared to the alternative. Furthermore, with regular maintenance, this can be a very sustainable option for long-term use, which amplifies the value.

Less of an Environmental Impact

Another great benefit to septic systems for your home is that they can present a minimal environmental impact. More particularly, this is achievable through less pollution due to the natural processes. Additionally, these processes allow for water to be recycled, which positively impacts the nearby ecosystem and its inhabitants.

Getting A New Septic System Installed

Are you ready to get a wastewater or effluent system added to your home? Do you find yourself in need of general septic system services? Not to worry, Harts Services offers septic tank maintenance, repair, and installation for your home in the Tacoma, WA, area. Contact our team of professionals to help you today!

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