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When is it Time to Renovate Plumbing in an Old Home?

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When is it Time to Renovate Plumbing in an Old Home?

There are so many wonderful perks to living in an older home, from its distinctive architecture to the years of cherished memories your family has made in each room. Even creaky staircases can be charming!

However, owners of old houses (50+ years) eventually have to confront an inconvenient reality: Their plumbing system is way past its prime and needs to be revamped.

Just like every other element of a household structure, from the roof to those stairs we mentioned earlier, plumbing is not built to last forever. Over the decades, the network of pipes and drains that keep water flowing into — and waste flowing away from — your home endures massive wear and tear. If you don’t replace those rusty pipes and faulty fixtures, you’re just asking for trouble in the form of clogs, broken pipes, water damage to floors and furniture, and even floods.

Any of the factors shown in the attached infographic can create a need for professional repiping services in and around Tacoma, WA.

Obviously, a total plumbing makeover is a big investment, so you’ll have to work with your plumber to determine the best option. The first step is to call the experts at Harts Services and schedule a full plumbing inspection with a sewer camera. Once we fully assess the situation, we can make informed recommendations that fit your needs and budget.

Here are some of the factors we will consider:

Type of pipes and their expected lifespan. For example, copper pipes tend to last about 50 years, while galvanized steel piping can break down after 20 years.

Condition of pipe joints and fittings. No matter how strong the pipes are, if other components of the system are corroded, cracked, and leaking, that’s a problem that must be addressed.

System performance. If you’re experiencing low water pressure, slow drainage or persistent clogs, detecting strange odors, or hearing gurgling noises around your drains, or you’ve noticed signs of water damage on your walls or ceilings, those are all indications that pipes might need to be replaced.

A professional plumber will help you decide whether to repair existing plumbing or repipe the house. However, you don’t want to reach the point where your repair bills are higher than what you would pay to repipe.

If you live in an old home and suspect it might be time for a plumbing renovation, contact Harts Services and schedule a visit today.