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An open trench excavation to replace an old pipe in Tacoma, WA

Open Trench Sewer Repair in Tacoma, WA


"Customer service and answered the phone was pleasant and helpful. Person who came on site to discuss the work was thorough, gave great advice, and made suggestions for future planning."

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When Does it Make Sense to Perform Open Trench Sewer Repair?

Open trench sewer repairs are typically utilized for small, localized spot fixes, or when the sewer pipe is completely collapsed. In the Pacific Northwest, there are many times, while doing a camera inspection of a sewer pipe, that we find only one major problem area. Around the Tacoma area, this is usually a root intrusion or belly in the pipe. In these cases, we are able to dig up a smaller section of the sewer line and replace just that portion, saving the customer the huge cost of an entire replacement.

Although we usually try to reline sewer mains because it saves time and landscaping, we sometimes come across a sewer pipe that is completely collapsed. When your sewer line is collapsed, there is no choice but to perform open trench excavation for repairs.Before any sewer trench digging can take place, we must first hear from several different inspectors, depending on the location. These inspectors will come out and locate any utility lines that may be in the surrounding areas. This is in everyone's best interest, as we don't want to sever or puncture any gas, electric, or any other type of lines.

For your convenience, we include the cost of permits in our estimates. Along with the permit, we also handle any traffic plans that may be required. Our highly skilled open trench sewer repair experts know where to properly set up signs and cones to allow for the safe repair of your sewer mainlines in the street or Right of Way (ROW). Some open trench sewer repair jobs that are closer to the road require us to divert traffic, or close bike lanes and sidewalks.

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Harts Services offers much more than open trench sewer repair services in the Tacoma, WA, area. You can also call us from Olympia, Bremerton, University Place, Gig Harbor, Federal Way, Puyallup, Steilacoom, WA, or the surrounding areas for:

Call our team today to schedule your appointment for open trench sewer repair or any of our other services!

Our team of open trench sewer repair expertshandle sewer line blockages of all kinds with efficiency and skill, and our service area includes all of the following communities:

  • Olympia, WA
  • Bremerton, WA
  • University Place, WA
  • Federal Way, WA
  • Gig Harbor, WA
  • Puyallup, WA
  • Steilacoom, WA

To find out more about open trench sewer digging and whether it’s right for your property, contact us today to speak to a member of our team.

Our expertise extends from open trench sewer repair to a wide variety of other plumbing jobs, including:

  • Replace/Repair Sewer Lines
  • Cut Roadways
  • Grading & Resloping
  • Blackberry Bush Removal
  • Storm Drainage
  • Rainwater Collection Systems
  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
Handling Blockages of All Kinds with Efficiency & Skill

While our sewer repair experts specialize primarily in trenchless sewer technology, sometimes there is no way around digging a trench. Luckily, with our equipment and expertise on the subject, we can make open trench sewer repair an easy, painless experience for all involved. We provide open trench excavation services for both domestic and commercial plumbing projects throughout the Tacoma, WA, area.

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Harts has amazing customer service and responded promptly to our plumbing emergency! Chris has been to our home in the past and is very knowledgeable and professional. Harts is a great local company to work with.

- Mara
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