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What’s the Deal With Sump Pumps?

Due to the wet and soggy nature of the Western Washington area, sump pumps are commonly applied to homes. A sump pump is a mechanism used to eliminate water that has collected in a sump basin. During the winter season, when the rain is at its heaviest, it’s good to have a means of flood prevention. If you have a basement that floods regularly, or your home’s foundation is below the water table, you may need a sump pump. Sump pumps are made to send otherwise unwanted water to a location where it is no longer a problem.

There are two basic kinds of sump pump installations. The pedestal variety has the motor that is mounted above the sump, making it easier to service but also more exposed and conspicuous. The other is the submersible pump, in which the motor has been mounted inside the sump, having been sealed to prevent any possible short-circuiting.

The Most Common Choices for Sump Pumps:

  • If applicable, and if you have space, choose a submersible pump. This will mean that the sump pit can be lidded. Another upside to this kind of pump is that it will reduce any noise, and prevent any detritus from falling into the pit. A tight-fitting lid will also prevent moisture from being introduced into your home, which in turn will reduce the risk of mold.
  • Consider selecting a pump that has a cast iron core rather than a plastic one. The cast iron will help dissipate and diffuse the heat to the surrounding water, which in turn can extend the life of your pump.
  • Choose a pump with a no-screen intake to reduce the risk of clogs.
  • Choose a mechanical switch over a pressure switch if possible, and a solid float, so it does not become waterlogged and fail to switch off.
  • Install a secondary pump. If you have converted your basement into usable living space, or your basement is used to store valuables, installing a secondary pump right next to the first might be a good idea. As Tacoma sewer and drain technicians, we know that installing a functioning backup pump will enable you to rest easy, knowing that your basement is safe even if the primary pump fails.
  • Consider making your backup pump battery-operated. In the event of a power outage, a battery operated sump pump can operate functionally usually for no more than two days, though this can depend on the demand. The importance of having a sump pump in the Pacific Northwest cannot be overstated. Whether for a home or a business, a sump pump will help keep the ground from becoming unstable due to water saturation.

At Harts Services, our team of sump pump specialists can help you identify your home’s unique needs.

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