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"Customer service and answered the phone was pleasant and helpful. Person who came on site to discuss the work was thorough, gave great advice, and made suggestions for future planning."
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"Hart's Services got here about 3 hours after calling them. Very courteous and helpful with going over my options for all of my plumbing needs. They are getting our emergency repair work completed for a reasonable rate."
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For many homeowners, the importance of their water heater is often overlooked until it begins to cry for help. Water heaters are integral to your daily comfort, and if you’re looking for water heater repairs in Seattle, you likely know a thing or two about the difficulties of living without a functioning water heater. Fortunately for you, Harts Services is proud to offer hot water heater repairs — all it takes is a simple call to benefit from our expertise.

What repair services can you expect? We proudly provide:

  • Hot Water Heater Repairs
  • Tankless Water Heater Repairs
  • Emergency Water Heater Repairs
  • Gas Water Heater Repairs
  • Electric Water Heater Repairs
  • Water Heater Tank Repairs

At Harts Services, our commitment to servicing Seattle area homeowners runs deep, and we express that through the detail of our services and the wide range of homeowners we service. We offer our water heater repairs in Tacoma, Olympia, Bremerton, University Place, Federal Way, Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Kirkland, Mountlake Terrace, Puyallup, Steilacoom, Bellevue, Snohomish, Renton, Everett, Redmond, and Issaquah, WA.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair

How do you know you need water heater repairs? Water heaters may give off clear signs (like no hot water) but also hide their faults with signs that can be interpreted as other problems. Odds are, if you’re experiencing any of these problems, you shouldn’t wait to contact us for water heater repairs in Seattle:

  • Your water is cold.
  • Your water heater leaks.
  • Your water is discolored.
  • Your water heater is old.
  • Your water heater makes weird sounds.
  • You have low water pressure.

If your water heater is leaking or making weird noises, don’t wait for the next day to make a call. Our emergency water heater repair services are available for these reasons! Our team will be quick to the scene to help prevent further damage to you, your family, or your home.

Should I Get My Water Heater Repaired or Replaced?

Getting your water heater repaired or replaced is a difficult question to answer, but that’s why Harts Services is here to help. Our experts can outline the benefits of a repair or replacement for your water heater and help you make the most informed choice for your situation. But we also know that at the end of the day, what matters most is you, so it’s important to ask yourself a few questions before deciding whether to repair or replace your water heater.

What type of water heater do you have? A tankless water heater repair will likely have a different cost than a gas water heater repair. How old is your water heater? Older water heaters are probably better off to replace, especially if they are at the end of their lifespan. It’ll be better to get a water heater tank repaired if it’s a much younger age.

Ask your water heater professionals about the importance of a repair if you have any water heater installation warranties on your unit or any other questions that you may have to help decide if a repair or replacement is best for you.

Why Won’t My Water Heater Get Hot?

If you need electric water heater repair, chances are, you’re probably wondering why your unit won’t get hot. Typically, water heaters won’t get hot due to simple problems like blown fuses and circuit breakers, or more major issues like electronic ignition problems or a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve. With so many reasons, it’s important not to assume and schedule a water heater repair in Seattle.

What Causes Water Heater Leaks?

Homeowners needing water heater repairs in Seattle typically call about leaking water heaters. You might be wondering, “Why is my water heater leaking?” Sometimes, hot and cold water connections aren’t functioning properly, or gaskets have been pried loose over time. You may also have a loose drain valve, or the water heater tank may have a severe puncture or damage.

Get Water Heater Repairs From the Experts at Harts Services

If you’re experiencing any signs that your water heater might be faulty, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Harts Services for help. Our water heater repairs in Seattle ensure that you can enjoy hot water for years to come, and all it takes is a quick call.

We are so committed to giving homeowners comfort that we don’t just stop at servicing Seattle. Our experts provide water heater repairs to Tacoma homeowners, as well as the communities of

Olympia, Bremerton, University Place, Federal Way, Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Kirkland, Mountlake Terrace, Puyallup, Steilacoom, Bellevue, Snohomish, Renton, Everett, Redmond, and Issaquah, WA.

You can also ask us about our multitude of other services, including emergency plumbing services, water line repiping services, or ask about our home care plans and water heater financing.

You don’t have to struggle with a faulty water heater. Reach out to the repair specialists at Harts Services to take advantage of our water heater repairs in Seattle and surrounding areas. You deserve heated water, and with our help, you won’t have to wait long to get it!