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Showing Our Community That “We Care More” During the COVID-19 Crisis

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"Customer service and answered the phone was pleasant and helpful. Person who came on site to discuss the work was thorough, gave great advice, and made suggestions for future planning."
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"Hart's Services got here about 3 hours after calling them. Very courteous and helpful with going over my options for all of my plumbing needs. They are getting our emergency repair work completed for a reasonable rate."
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"Very friendly, very knowledgeable. Made replacing my whole sewer line as painless as possible."
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Showing Our Community That “We Care More” During the COVID-19 Crisis

Residents of Tacoma already expect Harts Services to take good care of their toilets, but we recently took our bathroom plumbing services to a whole new level.

As reported by KIRO-TV in Seattle, our team took some time in the midst of answering 100 repair calls a week throughout the area to help members of the community meet some of their basic day-to-day needs. You can view the news report, featuring interviews with Harts Services co-owners Richard Hart and Dan Hartsough here.

COVID-19 has hit our region especially hard, and when we saw customers flushing pieces of T-shirts because they’d run out of toilet paper, we knew that we had to do something! In addition to our heightened safety precautions, such as offering ZERO CONTACT service calls and wearing gloves and shoe covers in all residences, we’re carrying boxes of toilet paper in our trucks so we can distribute it to customers. We’ve even done some supermarket and pharmacy runs for folks who don’t feel comfortable leaving the house to shop.

Aside from being low on essential supplies, we know that many of our customers are also struggling financially during the coronavirus crisis. That’s why we’re happy to offer zero interest payments on all of our plumbing services for the next year. You’ve got enough to worry about just keeping your family healthy and well-nourished. Adding an unexpected repair bill to the equation, on top of clogged pipes or a backed-up sewer system, can make the entire situation feel overwhelming.

That’s the last thing we want for you! If you need an emergency plumber in Tacoma, contact Harts Services today, and rest assured that “South Sound’s Favorite Plumber” will do whatever we can to ease your burden.

Our company was founded on a commitment to keeping our community clean and safe and keeping living conditions comfortable for our customers. COVID-19 has reminded us how even the smallest kind gestures can make a big difference in the world. We hope that you’ll join us in showing your loved ones and neighbors how much you care. It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day; as we found out, even a simple roll of toilet paper can bring a smile — or some happy tears!

If plumbing issues are getting in the way of enjoying your time at home with your family, please don’t hesitate to give Harts Services a call. We’re here for you, and we’re ready to prove that We Care More.