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Why Should I Flush My Water Heater?


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When contemplating what you can do to lower your utility bills for the season, consider some light plumbing maintenance. Luckily, most of your plumbing is likely low maintenance overall and does not require much attention or upkeep. This applies to your water heater as well. In order to keep your water heater working properly, it’s recommended that you flush it at least every six months. Below, we’ll shed some light on properly maintaining it and why it is so important.

How Can I Maintain My Water Heater?

In order to keep hot water accessible within your home safely and efficiently, regular water heater maintenance is needed. There are two processes in which this can be facilitated: flushing and draining.

Flushing is more commonly done. This requires you to attach a hose to the drain valve and turn it on in order to transfer the hot water. This process typically takes a few minutes, and it nearly resets your water heater with fewer steps involved than the draining process.

Meanwhile, the draining procedure is inclusive of those steps above; however, it becomes a bit more involved. Draining your water heater requires the water supply to be turned off, which can take more time than the flushing process. While this may seem inconvenient initially, the advantage to this is that you can figure out the condition of the water. This includes noting any discoloration of the water itself.

Advantages of Flushing a Water Heater

With regards to flushing water heaters, there are several benefits you may notice as a direct result of this. While it was mentioned earlier that this should be done every six months, this may vary based on your water quality — in terms of how hard the water is in the home. If you find that you have very hard water, it may be worthwhile to do this every few months.

For best results, however, we recommend consulting a professional.

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